Mercedes Benz S-Class Limousine service in Berlin 2023

Mercedes Benz S-Class Limousine service

Just like all the services and all the offerings we have for you dear customers, our vehicle fleet is also equipped with the latest Mercedes Benz S Class limousines all designed for extreme comfort and safety.


Sterling limousine offers Mercedes Benz S-Class limousnes which is a high-class luxury sedan. In This service you’ll experience the highest grade of luxury transfer combined with a professional and well-experiences chaffeur who ensures your greatest comfort and stress-free ride.

Just like all the services and all the offerings we have for you dear customers, our vehicle fleet is also equipped with the latest Mercedes Benz S Class limousines all designed for extreme comfort and safety. So, see why Mercedes Benz luxury s class limos are included in Sterling Limousine luxury transportation services?


interior of S klasse Benz


Germany is the home of Mercedes Benz S-class luxury cars.

Hence, why should we dismiss it in our fleet? The newest model of Mercedes Luxury S class car focuses on extreme comfort, the most luxury rides, and the highest satisfaction from customers.

This means a kind of tecnology that surprises you with its unique comfort and safety. Luxurious materials and high-end technology used in Mercedes Benz S-class limousine is what we always wanted to offer to our worthy customers. Sterling Limousine gives you a luxury ride you have never experienced before.


S class Mercedes Benz interior


Mercedes S 500 comfort in the best limousine service in Berlin, Germany


Quality and ambience of the interior and the great workmanship in the S class 500, surely satisfy the demands of all customers who wish to experience a great luzury ride. This along with a very professional driver, makes everything perfect. The new S-class Mercedes is iseal for all the passengers who think of driving as something more than just a mere transfer. Enjoy the utmost luxury on your business trips, parties, wedding, and on your way to work – and this is what Sterling Limousine has to offer you.


S class Mercedes


Mercedes means luxury in its highest form


The highest quality limousine service in Berlin offered by Sterling Limousine is through Mercedes Benz S-Class. Modern and luxury exterior and interior, with the eye-catching black color, ensures you have a luxury ride rarely experienced somewhere else. This model suites every occasion. You can either rest compfortably, work on you projects, or plan for your next meetings while having a joyful and luxurious ride in Mercedes Benz S class limousine.


Mercedes Benz S class limousine with chauffeur


Our chauffeur service in Berlin with Mercedes S Class Limousine

With our chauffeur service with S class Benz in berlin feels like a real VIP ride:

This exclusive amenity awaits you:

  • Long version of S class, thus you’d enjoy significantly more legroom on the rear seat
  • Softclose – a gentle closing of the doors by the trained driver who knows how to treat you
  • Acoustic glazing – which reduces the noise pollution and creates a calm relaxing space in the crowded streets of Berlin
  • A bottle of water and a daily newspaper


S Klasse Mercedes limousine in Berlin


  • Privacy glass in the passenger compartment so you can be as comfortable as possible
  • seat adjustment capability with resting seat for stretching out your legs and calming your muscles
  • Bright spacious rear thanks to panoramic roof and a long wheelbase with the greatest comfort
  • Seat ventilation and seat heating – that are essential parts of a high-class high-end limosine
  • Unique air suspension
  • W-Lan all free
  • More manoeuvrable due to rear axle steering creating a more relaxing experience
  • Burmaster 3D Surround Soundsystem


interior of S class Benz limo in Berlin


Trust in the quality of Sterling Limousine’s services provided with S class Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes Benz S-Class in combination with an attentive chauffeur creates a relaxing, safe, and luxury experience for every customer who wish to feel VIP.

Are you convinced to have your first ride with our S Class Mercedes Benz? You just need to book a first class ride! Our rides are cheap and we have no hidden fees.


luxury interior of S 500 Mercedes in Berlin


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