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Sterling Limousine offers a wide range of services for different purposes. Whatever the aim of your usury ride is, be sure that it is going to be offered perfectly and without any kind of worry. Here are services:Sterling Limousine offers a wide range of services for different purposes. Whatever the aim of your usury ride is, be sure that it is going to be offered perfectly and without any kind of worry. Here are services:

Sterling Limousine provides the following driver per hours or trip in Berlin city:


Car rental with driver in Berlín Ciudad


We can provide you the best limos with professional chauffeurs in Berlín Ciudad that can take care of all your needs. Our car rental with driver in Berlin is among the best option for those who seek to be luxury and classy.


Van rental with driver in Berlín Ciudad


Our business vans come with a professional driver who can guide you through the city and take you the business meeting or any kind of conference, event, etc., you have planned to go. Delay rate is zero and the comfort you’d feel is infinite.


airport luxury transport


Luxury car Rental for Weddings and celebrations


We also offer our high-class luxury cars for wedding ceremonies on an hourly basis. Along with your bride or groom, you are going to have one of your best memorable days and nights of your life.


Private chauffeur/driver for private transfers


Any type of private transfer is taken care of in Sterling Limousine. Whether you are going to have a city tour, heading to a night party, or even a special event, we send you the type of car with a decent and pro driver that you deserve.


Mercedes limousine in Berlin


Congresses, fairs, meetings, and events in Berlín Ciudad


Many businessmen and businesswomen wish to appear with a glorious and luxury style in different meetings, fairs, congresses, or events. So, what is better than a business class limousine to appear in glory in the business meetings?


Shopping days car rental with luxury rides


Those who respect themselves, are respected by others. If you have a busy life and need comfort in the limited occasions you are going to spend for yourself, a luxury ride with luxury car is suitable for you. Sterling Limousine’s pro drivers can take you everywhere you desire when you need to shop. They can even suggest fine shopping places and malls if needed.


limousine in Berlin for city tours


Hourly arrangements in Berlín Ciudad


There are some rides which can take hours. Sometimes you have different locations to go. So hourly arrangements are taken care of in Berlin by Sterling Limousine.


Special events and meetings in Berlín Ciudad


Special events are important for people. So, a VIP ride can make you shine amongst others in the meeting. Walking out of pure black limousine turns every single eye towards you. Isn’t that what you desire?


meeting limousine by Sterling Limousine


Fam trips/transfers in Berlín Ciudad


Sterling Limousine also provides luxury transportation services for fam trips/transfers for you dear customers.


Tours of musical groups in Berlín Ciudad, Germany


If you have a musical group and wish to perform in Berlin, our business van service is a nice fit for your needs. We take you to different tours or take you to the hotel, performance stage, or to a city tour.


Limousine for hotel transfer


Limousine service Berlín Ciudad

Private chauffeur service

No need to explain this. The limousine and a descent chauffeur are at your service.



Shuttle for events and important meetings

Important meetings and events need a high-quality shuttle service. Who doesn’t know about our great shuttle service in Sterling Limousine?


limo for business meeting in Berlin


Your car with driver/chauffeur in Berlín Ciudad 


VIP Class Taxi and Luxury Mercedes Taxi in Berlín Ciudad, Germany


God knows how it feels to be transferred by a luxury Mercedes Taxi in the historical city of Berlin?


business limousine provided by sterling limousine


Customized Tours in Berlín Ciudad and around the city


Just give us a call and customize your tour around the city. We take care of what you ask.


Private door-to-door transfer across Germany and in Berlín Ciudad


So, door to door transfer is now available in our service. You just need to book an hourly service or call us to book it for you.


inside a limousine Mercedes


Executive transfers/transportation in Berlín Ciudad


Executive transfers are sensitive transfers which need special attention. Up to now, no single complaint has been reported on our executive transportation services. We know our job well.


Private transfers to airports and train stations in Berlín Ciudad


If you are going to arrive at Berlin Ciudad in train station or in airport, or if you are going to head somewhere from Berlin airport or train station, Sterling Limousine, offers cheap and luxury rides that makes your trip a better experience.


private transfers to airports and train stations


Wine tourism in Berlin


Luxury vehicles in Berlín Ciudad, and in Germany


Business and corporate travel/trips


We also have luxury business and corporate travel services both inside Berlin or outside the city. There is just one condition: either the start location or the end location must be located in Berlin.


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